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The Ghostfence after the defeat of Dagoth Ur.

Ghostfence, also referred to as the Ghostgate, was a giant wall of magical energy surrounding Red Mountain. It was created by VivecAlmalexia and Sotha Sil sometime after the Battle of Red Mountain in 1E 700 to contain the minions of Dagoth Ur, and prevent the Blight from entering the other regions of Vvardenfell.[1]

However, since Blighted Cliff Racers could simply fly over it and ash storms carried the Blight on the winds, it was not very effective at containing the Blight.

Currently out of commission, the Ghostfence stands as a monument to glorify the return and successful endeavour of the hero Nerevarine who destroyed the Heart of Lorkhan, ending the divinity of the Tribunal and the reign of Dagoth Ur and his vicious Blight disease.[2]


  • With sufficient abuse of potions and enchantments, it is actually possible to Jump over the fence, bypassing the gate entirely.



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