Gianna is an Imperial chef in Castle Dour. She revered The Gourmet for his culinary prowess.


Impersonating a starEdit

After killing the Gourmet at the Nightgate Inn, Astrid sends the Dragonborn to impersonate him at Castle Dour, where Emperor Titus Mede II is expected to dine.

Poisoning the stewEdit

Arriving in the kitchens, Gianna asks the Dragonborn to put a Chef's Hat on, if they are not already wearing one, and subsequently glows at his or her "brilliance." She then asks which ingredients should be added to the stew. The specifics of the ingredients do not matter: it is not necessary to add Jarrin Root as the secret ingredient; the Emperor can be killed with magic or weapons.

Killing the emperorEdit

Gianna and the impersonated Gourmet carry the food to the dining hall, where a fake Emperor consumes the poisoned meal. The guards attempt to kill the Dragonborn and Gianna, but the Dragonborn escapes before they can do so, while Gianna was attacked and killed. However, if the meal wasn't poisoned, Gianna survives the ensuing chaos after the Dragonborn kills the fake Emperor. However, there is also a chance both guards will simply attack the Dragonborn and she will run away while having no other NPC attack her. 

Reactions based on raceEdit

  • Altmer – She says that she didn't expect the Gourmet to be an Altmer, and muses about the Summerset Isles' cuisine.
  • Argonian – She says that she didn't expect the Gourmet to be an Argonian, and believes that the Dragonborn was taught somewhere else besides Black Marsh.
  • Bosmer – She says that she expected the Gourmet to be a Bosmer, confessing that she believes their knowledge of herbs is helpful when making dishes.
  • Breton – She says that she didn't expect the Gourmet to be a Breton, thinking that its too obvious because most great chefs come from High Rock.
  • Dunmer – She says that she didn't expect the Gourmet to be a Dunmer, and that it must have been hard to become a chef, considering Morrowind's cuisine.
  • Imperial – She says that she didn't expect the Gourmet to be an Imperial. She also said that she expected that the Gourmet would be something "more exotic."
  • Khajiit – She says that she didn't expect the Gourmet to be a Khajiit, and that they should be worried about hair going in the stew.
  • Nord – She says that she didn't expect the Gourmet to be a Nord, but believes that Skyrim is a decent place to learn to cook.
  • Orc – She says that the last person she expected the Gourmet to be is an Orc, and then realizes the secrecy. This is ironic, as the actual Gourmet, Balagog gro-Noblob, is an Orc.
  • Redguard – She says that she didn't expect the Gourmet to be a Redguard, and thought the Gourmet was a Bosmer instead.


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  • Gianna may not progress the quest. This problem occurs when the Dragonborn is diseased. Multiple diseases cause this problem. This problem was fixed in one of the patches.
  • After the Emperor is killed, Gianna will walk out of the room still holding the pan, and head to the kitchen, walking. Speaking to her will result in her saying nothing but, "I'm so nervous."
  • If the detect life or the shout Aura Whisper is used Gianna will not be displayed.
  • If use the Jarrin Root is added to the Potage le Magnifique, the guards may attack just Gianna, ignoring the Dragonborn.
  • When approaching Gianna and talking to her, she may stop the conversation at "It's just..." This may be caused by the Dragonborn being a vampire (in which case it can be fixed by curing the disease), or using custom races added by mods on the PC. This is because Gianna makes a specific comment at this point about the Dragonborn's race, and these races have no dialog, preventing the conversation from continuing. The command "SetStage DB09 30" will skip this conversation on the PC.


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