Giants are a nomadic race of large humanoids native to the provinces of Skyrim and High Rock known for their colossal height and immense strength. They are usually seen herding their mammoths through mountains and tundras, processing their mammoths' milk into cheese while eating cooked skeever.[1]

By gameEdit


Giants are eleven to twelve feet in height, and are mostly humanoid in appearance; they have long, powerful limbs, thick skin, with large hands and feet, and decorative scars on their chest that are mainly tribal or religious symbols.[2] Giants' hair is braided with decorative beads and their faces are wrinkled. Female giants are scarcely seen, but the reason behind this is unknown.


Giants' weapons are crudely made as they are simply a large stone and wood club. For clothing, giants wear pelts of fur and bones or a simple loincloth. Due to herding mammoths, they typically eat mammoth cheese, but apparently do eat other forms of food, as dead horses and wolves sometimes appear on their cooking spikes.[3]

Behavior and intelligenceEdit

Giants are moderately intelligent as they are able to herd mammoths, fashion clothing out of furs and bones, and speak a deep, guttural language, although it is unknown to anyone how to translate it. They have been noted by Hasphat Antabolis to have been the ones who referred to the Dwemer as "dwarves."[4] Giants have intricate beliefs regarding death, as they have specific burial grounds; as such, when a giant is dying, they go to said location to die. Also, if a giant was not at the burial grounds during death, then other giants will transport the body to the burial grounds.[5] When in battle, giants use their brute strength to kill their foes, often crushing them with their clubs or simply stomping on them.[6]



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