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Giants are a race of large humanoids who inhabit Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Online. They are more commonly seen in the more northern parts of the province, where they are known to herd mammoths.

They are generally peaceful creatures, unless approaching them or their mammoths.[1] If provoked, they wield clubs that have been known to swing humans "up to a league" away.[1]


  • Kick: Physical Damage
  • Sweep: Physical Damage
  • Shatter: Giant swings club and sends shockwaves along ground
  • Obliterate: Heavy Physical Attack (can Stun enemies)



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They are known to appear in the following regions:


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  • The Nord Lyris Titanborn is said to be a half-giant.
  • Like in Skyrim, Giants do not speak Giantish, the language connected to them in Daggerfall. It is unknown if Giantish is fully retconned information.
  • An area of Eastmarch is called "Giant's Run", obviously named after Giants.