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Gildergreen Whiterun Skyrim

Gildergreen after completing "The Blessings of Nature".

"The large tree in Whiterun's Wind District is called the Gildergreen, and is considered sacred by worshippers of Kynareth."
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Born from the branches of the Eldergleam Tree, the Gildergreen is a tree that stands in the center of Whiterun, near the Temple of Kynareth. Followers of Kynareth revere the plant for its relation to the Eldergleam.


The tree was struck by lightning and badly burnt. Danica Pure-Spring, a priestess of Kynareth, asks the Dragonborn to retrieve sap from the Eldergleam Tree in order to restore the Gildergreen, which drew donations from pilgrims.

Retrieving sap (or using the sapling from Maurice Jondrelle), the tree is restored. While wandering the roads between the Eldergleam Sanctuary and Whiterun, the Dragonborn may encounter several priestess of Kynareth making a pilgrimage to the newly restored Gildergreen.

Following the Battle for Whiterun, parts of the white decorative structure around the Gildergreen are ruined and destroyed.



  • This tree may be a reference to the Lord of the Rings' White Tree of Gondor. Both trees stand at the center of a major city (Whiterun and Minas Tirith), descend from an ancestral tree (Telperion, one of the Trees of the Valar), and are both restored during the story.


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