Gilvas Barelo is a Dunmer Priest dwelling within the walls of Holamayan Monastery in the Azura's Coast region of Morrowind. He is the author of The Lost Prophecy and Kagrenac's Tools and is leader of the infamous Dissident Priests. He is an essential character with a considerable amount of knowledge which he can pass on to the Nerevarine, but getting on his good side is no small feat.


Completion of Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies raises his disposition towards the Nerevarine by 20 points. It also raises Mehra's disposition 60. Defeating Dagoth Ur increases Gilvas' disposition towards the Nerevarine by 60 but if later dialogue about Almalexia is pursued and the following is said, his disposition will instantly drop 10 points."I found Sotha Sil dead, and killed Almalexia and Vivec."


Mehra Milo and the Lost PropheciesEdit

Caius Cosades gives the Nerevarine this quest, one which starts in a seemingly harmless manner but quickly escalates into a challenging rescue mission requiring the Nerevarine to break into the Ministry of Truth's Prison Keep in order to help Mehra Milo escape. Upon completion of said task, the Nerevarine and Mehra end up at Holamayan and Gilvas rewards the great success and the main questline can now continue.

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Primary Skills

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

Abilities Powers Spells
  • Resist Fire 75%
  • Ancestor Guardian
  • None.




Gilvas knows no spells and despite being a priest he is most skilled in heavy armor, blunt weapons, blocking, destruction magic, and long blades, the latter being his highest proficiency.