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Giras Indaram is a Dunmer who resides at the Armigers Stronghold in Molag Mar, Morrowind. He is a Buoyant Armiger with the Tribunal Temple who owes a debt to a House Redoran armorer in a Ald'ruhn.

Personality and traitsEdit

Giras' brothers do not hold him in a high regard. They describe him as stubborn and uncooperative, and suggest that drastic measures may be needed to get him to uphold his end of a bargain.


The Nerevarine traveled to Armigers Stronghold following Tuveso Beleth's request that a debt for services rendered be reclaimed on behalf of himself, and House Redoran. When negotiations with Giras failed to achieve results, the Nerevarine challenged him to a duel. Giras ultimately admitted defeat and upheld his word to repay the debt.


Giras uses or carries the following:


Giras uses the following:


House RedoranEdit

Armor Repair Debts – Collect a debt from Giras on behalf of House Redoran.


  • Giras is one of three Indaram brothers located at the Armigers Stronghold, all three of which are Buoyant Armigers. His siblings are Birer and Tidros Indaram.
  • Giras and his brother Tidros were not assigned a rank in Morrowind.


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