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Race Nord
Gender Female
Level 4
Class Ranger
Rank Citizen
Essential Always
Ref ID 000198B5
Base ID 00013282
"Hello. I'm Gisli, but you can call me Erikur's sister. Everyone does."

Gisli is a Nord citizen, and the sister of Erikur, who lives in Solitude.


Gisli is a noblewoman living with her brother, a Thane named Erikur, in Erikur's House. She strongly dislikes her brother and is often referred to as "Erikur's sister" rather than "Gisli" by others, which angers her.


  • "Have you met my dear brother Erikur? The man's as trustworthy as a khajiit goldmonger."
  • "Quickly if you please. I'm quite busy running errands for my bastard of a brother..."
  • "...since Torygg's death, Falk Firebeard wields the true power in the Jarl's court. My brother is nothing more than a pompous little fop."
  • "Welcome to the center of the world... or at least my brother Erikur's world..."


  • In the Creation Kit, one can see that she might have been intended to be, or become, Steward as she's in the Steward faction. It's possible that Erikur was meant to become Jarl, being in the Jarl faction, if the Stormcloaks win the Civil War.
  • There's an old Icelandic tale of three brothers named Gísli, Eiríkur and Helgi. It's possible that Gisli and Erikur were named after them, and there may originally have been supposed to be a third sibling. 


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