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Gjukar's Monument

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Landmarksicon  Gjukar's Monument
TESV Gjukar's Monument
Gjukars monument map
Hold Whiterun Hold
Location Southwest from Swindler's Den
Type Landmark
Quests The Book of Love
Location ID GjukarsMonumentExterior

Gjukar's Monument is a landmark found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A low leveled sword and shield lie at the base of the monument.

It is south east of Rorikstead, near Broken Fang Cave.

This monument was constructed to mark the site of a battle that took place in ancient times. Gjukar was the commander of a platoon that had set up camp nearby. He was killed here along with the rest of his men.


The Book of LoveEdit

During The Book of Love, Ruki, a ghost searching for her husband, is found at this location. She doesn't know that he was killed in the battle.

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