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Glademist Cave is located just off the Orange Road nearly at its midway point, not far from a Wayshrine of Akatosh. It is located on the "o" of The Great Forest on the provincial map. Bergamot Seeds are scattered outide and a couple of Green Stain Cup account for the alchemical Ingredients in the area.


Glademist CaveEdit

A medium-sized cave it seems longer with many twists and overlaying tunnels. And like most caves, it contains some Cairn Bolete Caps and Wisp Stalks. While seemingly uninhabited now, it was clearly occupied at one time. Crates, boxes and chests lie scattered about and a living area with a pantry in the southeastern corner of the cave is still stocked.

A bed is present and numerous doors have been installed giving the cave an occupied feel. This cave is involved in the Fighters Guild quest line. It is where the Blackwood Company is trying to expand to. Once the Blackwood Company soldiers are dead, they won't respawn.


Information GatheringEdit

After both Azzan and Burz gro-Khash told the Hero that they have no more contracts, go see Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol at his house as he has been expelled from the Fighter's Guild for getting the Guild Leader's son killed. He is still trying to bring honor to the Guild while also bringing down the Blackwood Company.