"Next Domination match, Storm Lords are going to take all the capture points. I'm personally going after the Pit Daemon ones. I still owe them for the loss last week."
―Gladiator Ethes[src]

Gladiator Ethes is a Dunmer warrior residing in the Gladiator's Quarters of Vivec City.


What's so great about the Storm Lords? "Storm Lords thunder across the field, striking our foes down faster than they can blink. We're a whirlwind of pain that smashes enemies to bits. Always a glorious sight to see!"

† This option is available after each of Ethes' standalone quotes. His response will be the same regardless of which standalone line he said previously.


  • "Just listen to those Fire Drakes boast. Once they face down the Storm Lords they'll break apart, like a rowboat in a hurricane."
  • "Storm Lords are the fiercest competitors. They'll always win!"