"Me? Cheer for the Storm Lords? The Pit Daemons? Never! Fire Drakes forever!"
―Gladiator Renkathi[src]

Gladiator Renkathi is a Dunmer warrior residing in the Gladiator's Quarters of Vivec City.


What's so great about the Fire Drakes? "Need you ask? Fire Drakes rain down flames of destruction upon their foes. We unleash an inferno to smite our enemies? Feel the Burn!"

† This option is available after each of Renkathi's standalone quotes. Her response will be the same regardless of which standalone line she said previously.


  • "Pit Daemons think they can rule Deathmatch? Ha! As if! Fire Drakes have that locked down."
  • "Fire Drakes losing at Domination? Never thought I'd live to see that. Must have been a stroke of bad luck. You know, these socks feel unlucky. I think I'll go burn them."
  • "Sure, the Storm Lords talk a big game. But once they're on a field they never seem to deliver. Come on, give us Fire Drakes a real challenge!"