"Pit Daemons losing to the Fire Drakes last week was just a fluke. We'll get them next time!"
―Gladiator Toris[src]

Gladiator Toris is a Dunmer warrior residing in the Gladiator's Quarters of Vivec City.


What's so great about the Pit Daemons? "You haven't heard? More dangerous than the depths of Oblivion. More deadly than a Daedric Titan. Pit Daemons! The Battleground champions that rule over all!"

† This option is available after each of Toris' standalone quotes. His response will be the same regardless of which standalone line he said previously.


  • "Yes! Another victory for the glorious Pit Daemons! We're unstoppable!"
  • "The Pit Daemons are going to take the field and tear all those Fire Drakes to bits. Just wait and see!"
  • "Pit Daemons dominate Deathmatch every week! Don't believe what those Storm Lords say."