"I came all the way from Abah's Landing to fight in the Battlegrounds. I can't wait to get back on the field again!"
―Gladiator Tourima[src]

Gladiator Tourima is a Redguard hunter residing in the Gladiator's Quarters of Vivec City. She is originally from Abah's Landing.[1]


  • "The healers told me to stop after the fifth blow to the head, but I just couldn't do it! Besides, it's only hard to remember the little things. Like the time of day, or how many siblings I have. Was it two? No, wait, seven? Somewhere in that range."
  • "Last week, I sprained my ankle fighting in the Domination. I may not be able to run for awhile, but my arrows still fly true."
  • "Sure, the games can be a tad risky. But where's the fun without at least a little chance of decapitation?"
  • "I hope the Dark Elves aren't in a hurry to finish building this city. I love how the stones lie in Foyada Quarry. I'll be fighting there as long as I can."



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