Glarthir's House is located in Skingrad, and belongs to Glarthir, the quest starter of the Paranoia quest. It is full of several books that might be interesting if one want to read up on lore.

For example, there are the entire five volume collection of The Real Barenziah, ready for one to read. In the wicker basket near the entrance to his home, one will find 800 GoldIcon pieces that they can steal.


A trip to his basement reveals a hidden key under one of his plates, as well as the notes that some of the people in Skingrad might have alluded to, if one inquired about Glarthir. The hidden key opens the cupboard in Glarthir's bedroom, which holds several items that you might find useful.

Obtaining the keyEdit

In order to get the key to his house, one can take part in his quest, or one can pickpocket his key. Barring the pickpocket attempt, one can obtain his key during his quest, in one of two ways:

  1. Kill him and take it.
  2. After being given the task to kill his enemies, tell the town guard about it, and wait for them to kill him.

If you choose to kill Glarthir after he has given you the list of people to kill, you will get the money, the key to his house, and no bounty. However, it may count as murder and the Dark Brotherhood will notice. Regardless of which choice you pick, you will end up with a corpse of Glarthir that you can pick clean, including the key to his house.



  • When doing the quest Independent Thievery for the Thieves Guild, and one don't want to steal from a living person, Glarthir's House is a great place to "steal" items and fence them for fenced gold. Even though Glarthir is dead, it is still considered trespassing to enter his house, and so everything is considered stolen by the game.
  • There is a basket on the first floor that you can somehow open. It contains some random loot and a huge amount of gold (700 or more).
  • In the basement one will find Glarthir's notes that describes his reflections of the people spying on him. They are available after the quest Paranoia.
  • Any item or items stored in Glarthir's cabinets or chests will disappear after a certain amount of time.