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For other uses, see Glass Armor.

Glass armor is the strongest form of light armor in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, being principally made from Malachite.[1] The Dunmer are the masters of light armor design, and glass armor is the pinnacle of that design.

Inspired by traditional High Elven ornate armors, this very expensive armor utilizes malachite studded into different parts of the armor in order to absorb and distribute shocks in a manner much more efficient than steel. It is also valued for being light and flexible, granting the wearer a superior range of movement than similar strength armors.


Glass armor begins to appear as loot at level twenty. This only goes for armor however, as glass weapons appear much earlier, from about level twelve.


The unique volcanic properties of glass armor creates a greenish glow at night.[source?] Daedric armor also glows at night, but red.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon Health-icon GoldIcon ID
Glass Helmet 5 3 675 500 0003633F
Glass Cuirass 12.5 15 1,350 1,800 00036343
Glass Gauntlets 5 3 675 500 00036340
Glass Greaves 7.5 9 1,000 1,000 00036342
Glass Boots 5 4.5 675 500 00036341
Glass Shield 15 6 1,000 1,000 00036344
Total (with shield) 50 40.5 5,375 5,300
Total (without shield) 35 34.5 4,375 4,300

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