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Glass War Axe (Skyrim)

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Glass War Axe
GlassWarAxe SK
Base Damage:
13 DamageIcon
16 WeightIcon
Base Value:
490 GoldIcon
Class: One-Handed, War Axe
Upgrade Material: Refined Malachite
Perk: Glass Smithing
FormID: 000139A3
For this weapon in other games, see Glass War Axe.

The Glass War Axe is a one-handed weapon available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Unenchanted glass war axes will begin to appear throughout Skyrim at level 27 and enchanted glass war axes can be found at level 28. These locations include:

Fixed locationsEdit


A glass war axe requires a Smithing level of 70 and the Glass Smithing perk to create. It can be forged at a blacksmith's forge with the following components:

It can be upgraded with a refined malachite ingot at a grindstone. The Glass Smithing perk doubles its improvement.

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