Not to be confused with Glath gra-Bol.
"She's a decent, if rather common sort. [...] She's rather plain, not too bright. But she's not a bad person, for what she is."

Glathel is an Bosmer Commoner who resides in the Vivec, Hlaalu Canton. She can be found at the Elven Nations Cornerclub at Hlaalu Plaza. They Nerevarine may set her up with Gadayn Andarys.


Little is known about Glathel except that she is of low birth and is looking for a husband. She is the cousin of the noble lady Eraldil.


Initially, Glathel resides at the Elven Nations Cornerclub at Hlaalu Plaza, as stated above. If the Nerevarine decides to pair her with Gadayn Andarys she will eventually become his wife and move to his general goods store.


For the Love of a BosmerEdit

Gadayn Andarys, the owner of the general goods store at Hlaalu Plaza, is madly in love with Glathel's cousin Eraldil. The woman of noble birth rejects his advances and hints that Glathel might be interested in marrying the merchant. The Nerevarine can either continue to help Gadayn trick Eraldil in an ultimately unhappy marriage or they may convince him to court Glathel instead.



Arvama Rathri "She's right over there."

Gadayn Andarys "The Hlaalu trader? He always seemed like a nice man. I'm amazed he hasn't found himself a wonderful woman to spend his life with."

Gadayn Andarys (as his wife) "I couldn't be happier with him. Thank you so much for your help."