Gleda is a prize-winning goat belonging to Ennis, a farmer in Rorikstead. Gleda is quite tame and well-regarded by her previous owner, Ennis, who is desperate to get her back home. During the quest "A Night to Remember," the Dragonborn embarks on a drunken rampage of mischievous antics, kidnaps Gleda, and sells her to the giant Grok.

Ennis tasks the Dragonborn with rescuing Gleda in exchange for information on the next location in the quest.


A Night to RememberEdit

Take Gleda back to Ennis after a drunken night with Sam Guenvere.


  • Gleda the Goat can become a follower, but this would require not finishing the quest. The staff, the Sanguine Rose, received at the end of the quest, is much more valuable.
  • It is possible to sneak up close and get Gleda to follow the Dragonborn without engaging the giant in combat.
  • Gleda can be found in Ennis' farm after "A Night to Remember" has been finished even if the Dragonborn does not rescue her from Grok.