"You! Prisoner! Stand aside. Over by the window. Stay out of the way, and you won't get hurt."

Glenroy was an Imperial and a member of the Blades. He was also one of the Emperor's bodyguards.


In the waning days of the Third Era, he was assigned to the Imperial City Palace as a personal guard to the Emperor. In 3E 433, he was a member of Uriel Septim VII's Blades guard who attempted to spirit him from the palace in response to the assassinations of the emperor's sons. Under the command of Captain Renault, he and fellow Blade Baurus took the emperor through the Imperial City's secret escape route, at which time he met the prisoner who would one day become the Hero of Kvatch.

Glenroy treated the Hero with disdain, believing him to be a nuisance and, later on, an assassin. But the emperor, who knew of the Hero's true importance, bade the prisoner to accompany them. As they fled through the escape route, the group was ambushed by assassins serving the Mythic Dawn. Renault was killed, and Glenroy took command. In the Imperial Sanctum, they were trapped and ambushed, and in the fighting that followed, Glenroy was killed, and thus unable to prevent the emperor's murder as well. His sword, along with Captain Renault's, was placed in Cloud Ruler Temple in honor of his memory and service. He was killed on the 27th of Last Seed, 3E 433.




  • "Watch your back, Baurus."
  • "Stay out, prisoner."