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For other uses, see Glenumbra.

Glenumbra is a city in the eastern Glenumbra Moors of High Rock.



  • The Fox and Djinn
  • The Lion and Priest
  • The Lion and Muskrat
  • The Toad and Fawn
  • The Red Muskrat
  • The Unfortunate Cat
  • The Thirsty Woodchuck
  • The Pig and Fairy
  • The Laughing Dungeon
  • The Beaver and Hedgehog
  • The Silver Woodchuck
  • The Unfortunate Dagger
  • The Feather and Wolf
  • The White Woodchuck
  • The Lynx and Fawn
  • The Rusty Huntsman


  • The Adventurer's Tinctures
  • Alabane's Quality Herb Garden
  • The Emperor's Metallurgy
  • Andard's Quality Mail
  • The Adventurer's Smithy
  • Vintage Aegis
  • Bank of Glenumbra Moors
  • Lady Theodastyr's Bookshop
  • Doctor Edwywyr's Book Dealer
  • Gondynak's Quality Bookstore
  • The Old Bookstall
  • Doctor Andyctor's Garments
  • The Essential Jewelry Shop
  • First Class Gems
  • Lord Rodoryan's Gemcutter
  • Glenumbra's Best Jewelry
  • Mordoryan's General Gems
  • Lady Agrane's Jewels
  • Andistyr's Quality Jewelry Shop
  • The Adventurer's Gemstones
  • The Champion Gear Store
  • Tristyctor's General Equipment
  • Lady Tristastyr's Market
  • The Odd Warehouse
  • Tristard's Finest Lyceum
  • Doctor Theodyval's Seminary
  • Lady Bedard's Arms