Glenumbra Treasure Map VI​ is a treasure map found in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Treasure locationEdit

  • Go to the north of Glenumbra. The Lion Guard Redoubt Wayshrine is the best choice.
  • Head northwest across Merovec's Folly and continue walking until the sea is found.
  • If the map is opened, the Vestige should be in the tiny islands located northeast of Balefire Island.
  • The boat that can be seen in the map is located in these islands, behind the biggest rock.
  • After finding the boat, head south until reaching the fallen log, bay the water.
  • The last step is swimming southwest by the stone wall  for five seconds until finding a small piece of land containing the Dirt Mound with the chest in it. Notice that this is before reaching Balefire Island or the other shore, where the wooden platform and the stone stairs are located.