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Glover Mallory
Glover Mallory
Race Breton
Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=20-40)
Class Thief
Services Blacksmith
Essential Always
Ref ID xx0184C4
Base ID xx01828E
"Glover Mallory's the name. If you're looking for a smith, you've found one of the best."
―Glover Mallory[src]

Glover Mallory is a Breton blacksmith living in Raven Rock, in Solstheim. He is the brother of Delvin Mallory, father of Sapphire, and a member of the Thieves Guild

He is found at the Blacksmith's shop upon first arriving at Raven Rock. Just like the other villagers of Raven Rock, he can also be found at the Earth Stone working on it and worshiping at it. When he does, he acts and sounds like he has been indoctrinated.


Retrieve the Ancient Nordic PickaxeEdit

Glover will give a quest to retrieve his Ancient Nordic Pickaxe from Crescius Caerellius, after having it stolen from him, and also give it as a reward for the quest, claiming he has no use for it. It is also implied that he stole the pickaxe from the Skaal Village

Recover the Bonemold FormulaEdit

He gives the quest to retrieve the Bonemold Formula from Esmond Tyne in Castle Karstaag Caverns, assuming the Dragonborn is a member of the Thieves Guild

After the completion of this quest he allows access to his basement, which is filled with rare items including the Blackguard's Armor and a Thief Cache. There is a note to Sapphire in his basement, Glover's Letter, which reveals that he is Sapphire's father. It is also worth noting that, according to the Bonemold Formula, he has a younger sister.

If you go to Sapphire in ' The Ragged Flagon - Cistern ' after taking the letter, there will be an option to give her the letter. If you do give it to her, she will reward you with an Exquisite Sapphire; a unique item.

Distribute Sadri's SujammaEdit

Glover Mallory can be a potential recipient of Geldis Sadri's Sujamma that he asks of the Dragonborn to give out to the people of Raven Rock.

The Fishing JobEdit

Glover Mallory has the chance to be a victim of the Thieves Guild, through The Fishing Job.


  • "Either you're here to get showered in sparks, or you're looking for something to buy. Out with it."
  • "You've been a good friend to me. That means something." (Upon retrieving his Ancient Nordic Pickaxe)
  • "You've got a good thing going here now that you reopened the mines. Don't let that go to waste." 
  • "Steel, dwarven, ebony...if it's broken, I can mend it."
  • "Bring your weapons and armor to me, I'll fix it up right."
  • "Huh?", '"Yeah?", "Yes?" , "Need something?"(Generic replies)


Adril AranoEdit

Adril: "Captain Veleth's mentioned how valuable you've become to the Redoran Guard. The Councilor and I appreciate your assistance."
Glover: "I'm glad to lend a hand."
Adril: "You must be using quite a bit of your raw materials repairing their weapons and armor. I'm sorry we can't compensate you."
Glover: "Not to worry, Adril. I'll recover my losses in due time."

Captain VelethEdit

Veleth: "I don't know what your playing at, Glover... but something about you just doesn't add up."
Glover: "Understandable considering the differences between us."
Veleth: "I'm not talking about that. I have a knack for smelling trouble, and for some reason you reek of it."
Glover: "I promise you, I have nothing but good intentions towards everyone in this town."

Fethis AlorEdit

Glover: "Fethis! How's that pretty young daughter of yours doing?"
Fethis: "What in the name of the Black Hands is that supposed to mean?!"
Glover: "Nothing... I... I was just making conversation."
Fethis: "Next time you feel like having a conversation, talk to someone else."

Garyn IenthEdit

Garyn: "So where do you hail from, Glover?"
Glover: "Skyrim. Born and raised."
Garyn: "Have any kinfolk?"
Glover: "Just a brother. Lives in Riften."
Garyn: "That's quite a distance from here. What's his trade? He a blacksmith as well?"
Glover: "Nah. He... finds things people are looking for. Makes a good bit of coin doing it, too."

Geldis SadriEdit

Geldis: "How's business, Glover?"
Glover: "The usual. Piles of armor to repair for the Redoran Guard."
Geldis: "Aren't you pleased to keeping busy?"
Glover: "These hands were made for bending steel... not mending bonemold. But, it's certainly better than not working at all."

Vendil SeverinEdit

Glover: "So what do you think, Vendil? You think this town will survive?"
Vendil: "I don't know. There are many who would've already expected us to leave this place."
Glover: "Sure, but then where would you go?"
Vendil: "A fair question, my friend... a fair question."



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