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TESV Gloves
0.5 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1 GoldIcon
Type: Clothing
FormID: 000261C1

Gloves can be worn on the hands but cannot be worn along with gauntlets or bracers. They provide no armor but can be Enchanted to provide benefits such as Fortify Pickpocket, etc.


  • They can be bought at many of the Merchants or found in the dressers and nightstands throughout Skyrim.
  • There are at least six pairs of gloves inside Fort Greymoor, one on the corpse of Agnis (if you kill her) and some on already dead hunters, on shelves of clothes, etc. Great for spellcasters who don't want to wear any armor.
  • Barknar has two gloves.
  • Hunters usually carry gloves.
  • Possible to be bought at Radiant Raiment.
  • Possible found at Anise's Cabin
  • Possible found at College of Winterhold


  • When viewing the gloves in game, it can be seen that both gloves are designed to be worn on the left hand.


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