"As for the bear head, I want you to take it from Gnarl-fang's shoulders. Bastard ate my shipment of coffee beans."

Gnarl-Fang (also spelt Gnarl-fang) is a deceased snow bear found west of Fharun Stronghold. He is found beside an another bear, White Death. The cause of Gnarl-Fang's death was either the consumption of coffee beans, or being killed by the bear he is found beside.

According to Orzorga, Gnarl-Fang broke into one of her food shipments and ate some of her coffee beans she imported from Velyn Harbor.


A Feast To RememberEdit

Collect a bear head from Gnarl-Fang's corpse and bring it back to Orzorga, who wants to make a dish inside of it.