Goblin (Online)

A common Goblin as seen in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Goblins are small, humanoid creatures that live across Tamriel. They are often found living in clans, and appear to be somewhat related to mer.


Typically, goblins appear to be short but tough creatures that inhabit caves, sewers, mines, and ruins across the continent. In appearance, they vary in size from smaller than Bosmer to larger than Nords.[1] They have pronounced teeth (resembling Orsimer teeth) and skin that ranges from blue to green.[2]


Goblins live in clans where they are led by their chiefs and shamans, who worship the god known as Muluk.[3] Goblins have been known to domesticate animals such as the durzog and rat, whom they eat.[4] Goblin culture is a violent and primitive one, at least when compared to the societies of men and mer, as the strongest, fiercest goblins are chosen to lead. While this is well-known, some outsiders have lead certain clans.[5] Goblins are considered somewhat intelligent, as they have been known to loot dead corpses of their armor to suit their needs; many goblin chiefs have had their armor carefully selected for its utility. Also, goblins have been known to scavenge for armor that, for them, is exceptionally well-crafted or rare, even though it has usually been cast away by its owners.[6]


When in battle, goblins use their weapons and endurance to deal quick damage to their foes; Goblin Warlords use physical strength to kill intruders in their homes while Goblin witches use their power of magic to kill their enemies.[7]

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