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"I figure, if you want something kept safe, give it to the Goblins. They'll watch it for free, they're too stupid to trade it, and they'll kill anyone who tries to take it."

Goblins are humanoid creatures that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online.


This list is incomplete; help us expand it.


This list is incomplete; help us expand it.

Notable goblinsEdit


Bloody Hand TribeEdit

Fungal GrottoEdit

Netch Gouger TribeEdit

This entire tribe is located throughout VvardenfellO:M

Sandgrubber TribeEdit

Shadowsilk TribeEdit

Located throughout Stonefalls

Toothmaul TribeEdit

Dogeater TribeEdit

Stonechewer TribeEdit

Dusteater TribeEdit

Ice-Biter TribeEdit

Bonesnap TribeEdit

Long Tooth TribeEdit

A group of Goblins that appear on the Gold Coast.DB

Rock Bone TribeEdit

Located at Crooked Finger Redoubt, and Empire Tower, in Cyrodiil.

Sharp Stick TribeEdit

A tribe located in Gold Coast.DB

Timberscar TribeEdit

A tribe located near Timberscar Hollow in Cyrodiil.