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Goblin Marq is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Grubby Grunyun asks for the Vestige to help free his friend Marq, who thinks he is a Goblin.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Grubby Grunyun
  2. Find Marq's Special Brew
  3. Talk to Goblin Marq
  4. Talk to Grubby Grunyun
  5. Complete the quest


When walking north of Port Hunding, the Vestige will find a camp and a worried Orsimer named Grubby Grunyun. His friend Marq has lost his mind and thinks he is a goblin. The goblins stole Marq's special brew, expensive stuff. Losing it broke him and he went mad and ran off to "join his tribe". He's mad as a Bosmer and wont listen to a word I say. Grubby asks the Vestige to convince him to come back and they will be rewarded. First, they must find the special brew as the smell can make Marq slightly less crazy.

Head over to the goblin camp and follow the marker to find the bottle of special brew. It sits by some tents, guarded by a goblin. Sneaking behind the tent can make the Vestige go undiscovered when they grab it.

When they have the bottle, head over to Goblin Marq and talk to him. He seems to be in another place and wants them to go away, but explain to him that they found the special brew. He will at once smell it and begin to realize what he is wearing and asks where he is. Tell him he is acting like a goblin in a goblin camp and he'll start remembering. He says Grubby was right, and takes the goblin outfit off him, taking the special brew and begins headding back to the town.

Head back to Grubby and tell him it worked, as well as what happened to Marq. He gets a little upset when he finds out the Vestige gave the bottle to Marq. After rewarding them with a small sum of GoldIcon, he heads after Marq to get some of the brew himself.

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