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Goblin Marq is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.Grubby Grunyun asks for the Vestige to help free his friend Marq, who thinks he is a Goblin.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Grubby Grunyun
  2. Find Marq's Special Brew
  3. Talk to Goblin Marq
  4. Talk to Grubby Grunyun
  5. Complete the quest


When walking north of Port Hunding, the Vestige will find a camp and a worried Orsimer named Grubby Grunyun. His friend, Marq, has lost his mind and believes that he is a goblin. Grunyun will explain that the goblins stole Marq's expensive special brew. Because it had been stolen, Marq then went insane, running off to "join his tribe". Grunyun will then ask the Vestige to convince him to come back. However, they must first find the special brew in order to talk to Marq.

Head over to the goblin camp and follow the marker to find the bottle of special brew. It will be located near a few tents, guarded by a goblin. Sneaking behind the tent can make the Vestige go undiscovered when they grab it.

Afterwords, find Marq and speak to him. Explain to him that the special brew has been found; he will at once smell it and begin to realize what he is wearing, and ask where he is. He will then realize that Grunyun was right, and will travel back to town.

Speak to Grunyun and tell him what happened to Marq. Although he will be irritated that the bottle was given to Marq, he will reward the Vestige with a small sum of GoldIcon.

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