The Goblin Shaman Staff is a unique staff constructed from the severed head of a Goblin, and it is the first staff that can be acquired in the game.


In the Natural Caverns section of the Imperial Prison where the Goblins and rats are fought, this staff is wielded by a Goblin Witch.

Similarities with other weaponsEdit

The staff is the same appearance as a Goblin Totem Staff. The Goblin Shaman Staff remains one of the weakest weapons in the game later on, but still useful in that it is one of the few staves that can in fact be duplicated, as well as having the unique name and the only "Goblin Staff" that does not hold with it one of the seven Goblin Tribes


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  • Sometimes the staff disappears when the Goblin Witch dies, unless the Hero of Kvatch grabs it before it hits the ground.
  • If you drop it on the floor of the arena bloodworks and go to sleep in one of the beds there, there is a chance that the blue team gladiator will wield it.