Gogan is a Redguard guard for the city of Anvil. He is married to Maelona.

He and Maelona are undercover guards who have been trying to take down a gang of seductresses, who lure men into their home at Gweden Farm, and rob them of their valuables. As the men were ashamed, they would not respond to interview by the guards.

As a result, they pretend that Gogan was robbed of his ring by the women and Maelona will ask the Hero to help get it back for them.

Gogan can be found at his house in the west side of Anvil, the house is open after 6:00pm.


The Siren's DeceptionEdit

After the Hero is tasked with investigating a gang of female seducers who robbed Gogan, it is up to them to get to the bottom of the operation.