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"You know what they say-- Home is where you hang your enemy's head...."
―Gogron gro-Bolmog[src]

Gogron gro-Bolmog is an Orsimer warrior and a member of the Dark Brotherhood. He loves massacring people, and is not too keen on using stealth. As a result, he usually forfeits the bonuses that require subtlety and tact to accomplish, and instead charges in, kills everyone in sight, and then runs out.

He's is often a counter to the members of the brotherhood who counsel to employ stealthy tactics or actions. He focuses on the core issue, killing the target, and would rather forgo a bonus and openly kill the target instead of using quieter means. Despite his violent nature, he is immensely friendly. In addition to his non-stealthy nature, he wears leveled heavy armor instead of shrouded armor like most of the Brotherhood assassins.

He apparently has an ongoing romance with Telaendril. When asked about rumors, he implies he possesses a set of her undergarments.

When asked about the Hero of Kvatch's current contract, he offers advice like the rest of the Dark Brotherhood.

During the quest The Purification, he was killed along with the other assassins in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary by the Hero.



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