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For other uses, see Goldbrand.
"This magical Sword is almost a complete mystery. Thieves tell tales about its golden make and how it was actually forged by ancient Dragons of the North. Their tales claim that it was given to a great knight who was sworn to protect the dragons."
Yagrum Bagarn[src]

Goldbrand is a weapon in the The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Goldbrand is a powerful, golden katana with a fire damage enchantment. It can be converted into the more powerful Eltonbrand, which is more damaging and has an added strength-boost enchantment, by completing a secret and obscure Easter egg.


Goldbrand is obtained after completing "Boethiah's Quest."

Related questsEdit

Boethiah's QuestEdit

The Daedric Prince Boethiah rewards the Nerevarine with this, her weapon, as a reward for her quest, as stated above.

The Museum TREdit

Goldbrand is one of the artifacts the Nerevarine may sell or donate to Torasa Aram at the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold. She offers 30,000GoldIcon for it, which is the maximum amount of gold she is willing to spend for one artifact.



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