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Known locationsEdit

  1. Found within Aringoth's safe
  2. Given to the player by Gulum-Ei during Scoundrel's Folly.


Goldenglow Bill of Sale #1Edit


This document acknowledges the sale of Goldenglow Estate and all property, assets and materials contained within. Payment of the property has been made in full by Gulum-Ei as an agent on behalf of the buyer. All dealings with the Thieves Guild in Riften is to cease immediately. To deter any possible retribution for this act, you are to take immediate steps to protect our assets in any way you see fit. I think you'll find that the Thieves Guild is far more bark than bite and will likely avoid Goldenglow Estate rather than thin their already dwindling numbers.

Good luck and may this be the start of a long and lucrative partnership.

Goldenglow Bill of Sale #2Edit

This deed signifies ownership of Goldenglow Estate to the undersigned. This includes all property, livestock, resources, buildings and staff. Ownership may only be transferred with an accompanying Bill of Sale.



  • When Mercer tells you of the bill's contents, he says that it mentions a Gaju-Lei, an alias of Gulum-Ei. However, if you choose to read it when it is stolen from the safe, it directly lists Gulum-Ei's name.


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  • At the beginning of "Scoundel's Folly," Mercer Frey states that the Goldenglow Bill of Sale mentions a "Gajul Lei," a.k.a. Gulum-Ei. However Gulim-Ei is mentioned under his real name in the first edition of the Goldenglow Bill of Sale.


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