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Goldenglow Estate is a settlement in The Rift. It is owned by Aringoth.


Goldenglow is a large estate and apiary outside Riften, located on a group of islands, connected by bridges, in Lake Honrich.


The honey produced there is the primary supply for Maven Black-Briar's Meadery, making it an important location in the Rift. An Altmer named Aringoth owns the estate, and he has hired several mercenaries to patrol both the estate grounds and inside the estate house itself.

The sewer entrance is located on the northwest side of the estate just on the shore near a mercenary's walkway. The bee hives are located on an island southwest of the estate's main building.

The mercenaries outside are hostile to members of the Thieves Guild, and neutral to adventurers just stumbling across it. The house itself and nearby surrounding property is surrounded by an invisible wall until the Thieves Guild quest Loud and Clear is active.

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  • In the basement of the main building, there is a place to the immediate right with two bookcases leaning on each other and two stools on top of one another where the Mercenaries in the immediate area cannot detect a sneaking character, even if they are standing right in front of them. This can be used to level up the Sneak skill. (Note: this no longer works with all expansions installed)
  • Before the quest Loud and Clear starts, Goldenglow has various invisible barriers around it, preventing players not part of the Thieves Guild from entering.


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