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Golthog, also known as Golthog the Dark, was a Goblin rumored to be a necromancer that served the Underking. During the Imperial Simulacrum, Golthog and his band of goblins attacked the palace of Rihad in Hammerfell and stole much of their treasure, including a piece of parchment which contained clues to decipher the part of the Elder Scrolls which spoke of the location of Fang Lair. After this he fled to an ancient and abandoned fortress outside the city, Stonekeep. This piece of parchment was eventually returned by the Eternal Champion.


  • Although Golthog never clearly appeared in Arena (despite being mentioned), it is possible that he was one of the many generic goblins in Stonekeep, as it was implied that he went there after he stole the parchment.
  • Since he was mentioned to be a necromancer in Arena, it is very possible that the undead in Stonekeep were summoned by him.


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