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"A Tamrielic Lullaby"

In the great green tomb
There was a chaurus
And a draugr that had been dead since Sundas
And a picture of…
A guar jumping over the Mundus
And there were two netches sitting on benches

And a frost troll with a sweet roll
And an Orcish oaf with a horker loaf

And a storm atronach with the Wabbajack
And an old Moth priest who was whispering, "Magicka"

Goodnight Mundus
Goodnight chaurus
Goodnight guar jumping over the Mundus

Goodnight draugr that had been dead since Sundas

Goodnight frost troll
Goodnight sweet roll
Goodnight Orcish oaf with a horker loaf
Goodnight atronach
Goodnight Wabbajack
And goodnight to the Moth priest whispering, "Magicka"

Goodnight ogrim, Dremora, clannfear
Goodnight Daedra everywhere


Loremaster's Bedtime Tales, Vol02:01

Loremaster's Bedtime Tales, Vol. I "Goodnight Mundus"


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