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I have reached the fabled ruins known as Thukhozod's Sanctum. Soon, my dream of becoming as great and immortal a necromancer as Thukhozod will come to pass. The Great One will see my talent and recognize my desire. He will know that I am a kindred spirit yearning to learn the secrets of the dead.

As required by the ancient traditions, I sent a zombie of my own creation into the ruins to present myself and offer my petition for apprenticeship. That was yesterday, and still no word from the ruins. Have I somehow offended the Great One? Was my creation inferior in some way?

Enough waiting! No one ignores Gorlar the Dark, not even the powerful Thukhozod! I'm going to break protocol and enter the ruins without an invitation. Then the Great One will have to confront me. We'll see who ignores whom when I'm face to face with the legend.

Gorlar's Journal
Gorlar's Journal, Part Two