Not to be confused with Gorm.
"If I die today, it will not be in terror."
―Gormlaith Golden-Hilt[src]

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt was an ancient Nord heroine who helped overthrow the Dragons during the Dragon War in ancient times. She is famed for single-handedly slaying four dragons in one day. She can be seen on the Throat of the World and in Sovngarde.


She helps the Dragonborn kill Alduin in the Battle of the Tongues, along with Felldir the Old and Hakon One-Eye. She was against using the Elder Scrolls to defeat Alduin. Alduin killed her, atop the Throat of the World, in which Felldir the Old had little choice but to use the Elder Scroll, which caused a Time Wound to be created.

Gormlaith can be summoned to aid the Dragonborn with the Call of Valor shout. She wears a nearly-complete set of Steel Plate Armor and is armed with an Ancient Nord Sword, which she uses in battle.


  • "The endless wait gives way to battle! Alduin's doom, his death or ours!"
  • "If it is our lot to end, we'll live in song if not in soul. At Sovngarde's gates I'll meet my fate with mirthful heart, and know I fell in noblest cause."
  • "Even here, where heroes throng, few can match this mighty deed. What glory! The gods themselves must envy us this well-earned honor!"
  • "Let those that watch from Sovngarde envy us this day!"




  • She is voiced by Lynda Carter, who also provides the voice for the Daedric Prince Azura.[1]
  • There is a line of dialogue where she refers to Hakon One-Eye as her brother. It is unknown whether or not they are related by blood or if she meant like a Shield-Brother.


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  •  360   During Alduin's Bane, when she is killed by Alduin, she may be outside his mouth.
  •  PS3   Her body may appear in Jorrvaskr on the table after Blood's Honor mission.
  •  360   There's a rare chance to find her sword on the Throat of the World.



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