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"I have heard them called that. We do not know what they really are. Perhaps an evil spirit, perhaps a great beast. Whatever they are, they are dangerous. Their claws and tusks rend armor and tear flesh. They will attack alone or in packs. Take care when they are near."
―Citizens of Solstheim[src]

A Grahl is a type of Ice Troll in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. Lightkeeper Grahl is a unique Grahl and can be found in the Halls of Penumbra during the quest The Skaal Test of Loyalty and eight Grahl are present in the Caverns of Karstaag, during the quest The Castle Karstaag.


They are marked by their alien appearance: tusks protruding from their mouths, long arms ending in awkward hands with voracious claws, and their glowing red eyes overshadowed by spiny growths from their head. They can use weak magic to restore their health in combat. The eyeballs of the Grahl can be harvested from their giant corpses; they are worth 15 GoldIcon and can be used for Resist Frost, Night-Eye, Drain Magicka, and Fortify Strength.[1]




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