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Grain Mill

The Rorikstead grain mill.

Grain Mills are found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They are located outside of cities in settlements, mostly on farms or outside rural cottages. One can be built at Heljarchen Hall.

They can be used by the Dragonborn. On use, the game enters third-person view, and the Dragonborn is shown walking around the mill, pushing the millstone. With the add-on The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire, they can be used to make sacks of flour.


  • It takes three wheat to make a sack of flour.
  • There are also wind powered grain mills, but they cannot be used to make sacks of flour.
  • In the Creation Kit preview window, the grain mill has three animation options: AmLooping, AmIdle, and Break. The Break animation shows the wooden part of the mill coming un-hinged from the stone wheel, and several pieces falling off.
  • Followers can be commanded to push a grain mill, but they will not create sacks of flour, even if wheat is given to them.


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  • After being activated, if the Dragonborn backs out and stops pushing the mill, it will continue to move until it returns to the starting position, seemingly under its own power.


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