"Your Grace, the situation is grim. Passwall is under attack. We are outmatched and outnumbered."
―Grakedrig Ulfri[src]

Grakedrig Ulfri quote

Grakedrig Ulfri is the commander of the Dark Seducers. She lives in Cylarne located on The Isle of Flame, in the northwestern part of Shivering Isles. The Hero can choose to side with her or with Aurmazl Kaneh during the quest "The Cold Flame of Agnon."


Ulfri was a Dark Seducer Grakedrig serving the Daedric Prince Sheogorath. At some point, she was placed in command of the Mazken at Cylarne and was tasked with defending the fortress and the Altar of Despair therein from the Golden Saints under the command of Kaneh.

At the beginning of the Fourth Era, Ulfri was stuck in a stalemate against the Aureals until the Hero of Kvatch arrived at Cylarne, tasked by Sheogorath with re-lighting the Flame of Agnon. Ulfri attempted to enlist the aid of the Hero in defending and routing the Golden Saints once and for all.

Which faction the Hero allied with is unknown, but it ended with Ulfri's death, either at the hands of the victorious Golden Saints or by her own hand as a sacrifice to rekindle the Altar of Despair for the Hero.


The Cold Flame of AgnonEdit

After completing both the "Addiction" and "The Lady of Paranoia" quests, the Hero must speak to Sheogorath. He will reveal that the real reason they are in the Shivering Isles is to stop the Greymarch by becoming the new Sheogorath. If they fail he notes, he will swallow their soul and vomit it into "the everfilling Chamberpot of the Ageless."


  • "The Flame will be lit, by my Lord's command, not yours. You understand nothing, mortal. I go now to claim the highest honor attainable to my people. Stand aside."