"Greedy, ignorant, ugly, son of a mammoth's ass! That Diel can go leap in the river."
―Granette Feldrin[src]

Granette Feldrin is a Breton, residing in Glenumbra, High Rock. She is the sister of Gelvin Feldrin.


The Dagger's EdgeEdit

Lord Diel of Daggerfall and his sons are investigating the recent harpy attacks all along the coast. They hired a group of mercenaries called the Daggers to help them with their research, but the Daggers never returned from the Shrieking Scar.


Show: The Dagger's Edge

"Greedy, ignorant, ugly, son of a mammoth's ass! That Diel can go leap in the river."

Why is Lord Diel so angry?
"I wish I knew. The rest of the Daggers made it back, but there's been no sign of my brother. I had my doubts about getting involved with Lord Diel. I just wish I'd told Gelvin about them. But who are you anyway? Why do you care about any of this?"

Trust me, I had no idea what I was getting into.
"Well, you helped my brother and his Daggers so far. I only hope we can continue to count on your support. So, listen. I heard Diel's threats. His claim is ridiculous, but he has gold. Paying guards to support a false accusation is easy enough."
All I care about is the gold.[?]
What do you have in mind?
"I think I know where you can find my brother. Whether you agree with Gelvin, me, or the bastard Diel over there, we need to find Gelvin and that egg. I don't want to see my brother get hurt."
Where can I find Gelvin?
"There's a house on an island directly west of this camp. That's where we first met with Lord Diel. I could see that Gelvin was very interested in the place. I'll give you a head start before I tell Diel about it. Now go, find my brother."
After meeting Granette on the beach:

"What's my brother talking about? How did he fail us? You need to talk some sense into him!"