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Great Feather is an Alteration spell that temporarily decreases the caster's encumbrance, resulting in a slower loss of Fatigue and an increased capacity to carry items.


  • Feather – 100 points for 10 seconds on self


The following people use Great Feather:


Great Feather can be purchased from the following spell merchants:

Feather Merchants
Aldaril Imperial Legion10 Buckmoth Legion Fort
Crito Olcinius TR Imperial Cult18 Mournhold: Royal Palace: Imperial Cult Services
Elynu Saren Tribunal Temple10 Suran: Temple
Eraamion Mages Guild10 Caldera: Mages Guild
Ervona Barys * Imperial Legion10 Ebonheart: Hawkmoth Legion Garrison
Ferise Varo None15 Vos: Varo Tradehouse
Laurina Maria TR None18 Mournhold: Royal Palace: Imperial Cult Services
Leles Birian None 40 Ascadian Isles: East of Piernette's Farmhouse
Llaalam Madalas * Telvanni10 Sadrith Mora: Llaalam Madalas: Mage
Namanian Facian Morag Tong10 Sadrith Mora: Morag Tong Guildhall
Nerile Andaren TR Tribunal Temple8 Mournhold: Temple: Hall of Ministry
Only-He-Stands-There None10 Balmora: South Wall Cornerclub
Threvul Serethi Telvanni10 Sadrith Mora: Threvul Serethi: Healer
Tinaso Alan Telvanni10 Tel Mora: Tower Services
Urtiso Faryon Telvanni10 Sadrith Mora: Urtiso Faryon: Sorcerer

* This person provides services to faction members only. A sufficient rank may be required.

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