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The Green Pact was an oath made by the Bosmer to Y'ffre, the forest deity, in return for his patronage. The pact dictates Bosmer cannot kill, injure, or eat any vegetation.[1][2]


The known conditions of the Green Pact are as follows:

  • Only meat-based products can be consumed.
  • Prohibits the use of wood or other vegetable derivatives as building materials.
  • Forbidden to harm trees and plant life for their own betterment.
  • Forbidden to smoke anything of a vegetable nature.

Part of the Green Pact is the Meat Mandate that dictates that a fallen enemy must be eaten completely before three days pass.

Effect on Bosmer cultureEdit

The Green Pact has heavily impacted Bosmeri cuisine, combat, weaponry and construction. The Bosmer have developed methods of fermenting meat and milk to develop powerful alcoholic beverages, and their weapons such as bows are often made of treated and shaped bones. Bosmer are also dependent on either stone or imported timber for construction purposes.

The Bosmer were religiously carnivorous and cannibalistic as a result of the Green Pact; this has led to changes in approaches to combat, such as fasting and planning family feasts following a battle.


  • The Green Pact is the opposite of being vegan—vegans do not kill or eat animals or animal products; followers of the Green Pact do not kill or eat plant life.



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