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Greybeard's Robe

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Greybeard's Robe
TESV GreybeardsRobe
Base Value:
Type: Clothing
FormID: 00036A44

The Greybeard's Robe is an outfit worn by the Greybeards of High Hrothgar.

The ability to wear these robes requires the Creation Kit or the use of console commands to equip.


It is only obtainable on the PC version of Skyrim. To add the Greybeards' outfits, press the tilde (~) key below your Escape key to access the console. Then, type in player.additem 00036A44 1, player.additem 00036A45 1, and player.additem 00036A46 1. This will add the Greybeard Robe, Hood, and Boots to your inventory. However, they will be invisible in your inventory. To wear these items, type player.equipitem 00036A44, player.equipitem 00036a45, player.equipitem 00036a46

It is necessary to input the respective console commands each time you equip something over, or unequip, any part of the greybeards' outfit if you wish to wear it again

EDIT : To fix the above issues, and make the Greybeard's Armor appear in your Inventory as a normal piece of armor, follow these steps:

  • Open the Creation Kit and load up the default Skyrim.esm.
  • Find "ClothesRobesGreybeardTunic" under Armor, GreybeardRobes.
  • Right click and select Edit.
  • Click where it says "Playable" in the bottom left corner.
  • Save this file as a new mod, and activate it as you would any other mod.

NOTE: Even while wearing the robes, NPCs will sometimes make comments about the player being naked. This is due to a missing keyword in the editor that identifies the robes as clothing for the body. It can however, be edited in using the creation kit. You do this by;

  • Follow the above steps to locate the Greybeard Robes
  • Right click, edit, and under the "Keywords" section, right click "Add".
  • Filter by searching "Clothing", select "ClothingBody", and click "OK".
  • Save this file, (As a new mod if doing both of these edits), and activate it as you would any other mod.

During the quest Dark Brotherhood Forever, one possible random contact, The Blasphemous Priest wears the robes but they cannot be looted or pickpocketed.


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