"Steady, Grommok... steady. You've been through worse before. What more could this place possibly throw at you?"
―Grommok gro-Barak[src]

Grommok gro-Barak is an Orsimer warrior who is one of the three adventurers falling for the traps in the quest "Baiting the Trap" in Xedilian. He falls in the last choice of trap and is the one that wields Dawnfang/Duskfang.


Grommok is quite stubborn. He is always looking for a fighting chance and isn't afraid to leave anyone behind.


Baiting the TrapEdit

Sheogorath sent the Hero to Xedilian to attune the Resonator of Judgement in "A Better Mousetrap." Once this task is completed, this next quest begins and the Hero must choose traps for the adventurers to fall in.

He will either die or go insane in the third chamber depending on the Hero's actions.


  • Though the Dawnfang comes from him, the sword he actually carries is Grommok's Blade, a unique, unscripted, unenchanted weapon with the same look as Dawnfang. This sword can only be obtained by entering the console command player.additem 00013441.

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    • Actually, if you decide to kill grommok, then use tcl to run up to him, you can take grommoks blade, and you'll still obtain Dawnfang
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