"Good thing you sailed in with Kaleen. Outsiders aren't welcome on Betnikh, especially not now."
―Gruluk gro-Khazun[src]

Gruluk gro-Khazun is an Orsimer residing in Stonetooth Fortress, Betnikh. He stands by the docks, looking at arrivals to the island. Talking to him will start the quest The Bloodthorn Plot.


The Bloodthorn PlotEdit

The Bloodthorn Cult recently attacked Stonetooth Fortress, and the Orcs there did repel the attack, but it turned out that something had been stolen. Gruluk gro-Khazun says Lambur may know more about the cult's assault on the fortress.


  • "Bloodthorn Cultists attacked the fortress. You're lucky you don't look like them, or you'd have a spear in the belly."