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A common Guar

Bantam Guar

A Bantam Guar

The Guar is a creature part of a large reptilian family native to Morrowind.


Guars are large, reptilian, bipedal creatures native to Morrowind that have been imported to Cyrodiil to be used as beasts of burden for hundreds of years.[1] Guars are mostly docile creatures but are known to sometimes attack those that go near them.[2] In Morrowind, Guars are the dominant domesticated herd animal, often used as a pack animal and bred for its hide and meat.[3] The closest relatives of the Guar are the Alit and the Kagouti.[1]


  • The Pony Guar, as it is nicknamed by visitors to Morrowind, is a smaller species of Guar that is rarely exported due to its lacking in physical strength. They are not well-known outside of southern Morrowind, and are sometimes taken as pets, while also being raised for their hides and meat.[1]
  • The Albino Guar are Guars who are unique due to the white color of their skin, at least one Guar lived on Vvardenfell during the Third Era.[4]
  • The Pack Guar is a type of Guar that caries baggage on its back and is used for transporting people.[5]
  • The Bantam Guar, despite its name, is part of the Scuttler family and therefore is not a Guar at all. Many people call them "ugly Chickens"[6], as they have the distinctive body shape and behavior of the bird. They have wings, but unlike their distant relative the Cliff Racer, they cannot fly. Farmers in southern Morrowind breed them for their eggs and meat[1], though some Bantam Guars can be found in other parts of Tamriel such as Khenarthi's Roost.[7]

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