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The Guar are creatures in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The guar are described by characters in Vvardenfell as follows:

The guar is the dominant domesticated herd animal of Morrowind, useful as a pack animal and for its meat and hides. [1]


  • Guar have a 40 percent chance to drop a guar hide.



Wild GuarEdit

This type of guar contains up to three guar hides. See Blighted Alit for more information.

Pack GuarEdit

Pack Guar

A pack guar from Ahemmusa Camp

This type of guar is identical to the normal guar in statistics, except that it has a pack on its back. There are two pack guars in Morrowind, one in the Grazelands region (grid location 11, 15), and one in the Ahemmusa Camp.

Unique GuarEdit

Several unique guars can be found in Morrowind. They are:





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