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Guard Helmet
GuardHelmet Ob
Armor Type Light Armor
GoldIcon 25
WeightIcon 1.8
ArmorIcon 3
Item ID 002767C

Guard Helmet is a Helmet in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is quite easy to obtain because almost every Guard wears it. The easiest way to obtain it is to just kill a guard, or pickpocket it while they are asleep in the Guard Barracks. Another way is to let enemies kill the guard by luring them to a city.


This helmet can be found on most guards outside of the Imperial City. Guaranteed locations are listed here:

  • Castle Bruma Dungeon. Three can be found behind the jailor and one more can be found upstairs in a bedroom with Steel Gauntlets.
  • Castle Skingrad Barracks. Three can be found in the easternmost room on a shelf on the bottom floor
  • Skingrad Town Guard House. One can be found in the easternmost room on a shelf and three more can be found on a shelf in the westernmost room of the top floor.


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